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about us

What the heck is Erro? And who is that baby?

We got the name Erro from our founders last name (Tagliaferro). He pretty much figured no one would be able to say, remember or spell Tagliaferro so he chopped off the first part.

We started Erro because we thought there was something missing in the current coffee culture, simplicity. We were tired of the coffee industry being full of snobs even more inclusive and annoying that the WINE industry.

Oh ya that baby, well that baby is Quinn ... the founders youngest son. He doesnt have anything to do with coffee or the company, just a cute baby we use to make you buy our coffee.


But why buy?

Well let's face it, coffee these days is either old, crappy or just so pretentious you basically are shunned for wanting "just coffee". At Erro Coffee we dont believe on making 100's of skus and cramming fluff literature down your through about "we got it from this farmer", guess what ... all coffee roasters import their coffee from importers, not flying and grabbing it themselves. Our beans are high quality, the coffee is delicious and we believe in keeping it simple. You're welcome.

Want to try some for free if you don't believe us??? Its super simple, just follow us on Instagram @errocoffee for your weekly chance to win any bag you want. What over coffee roaster does that!?!

Anything else?

Tons more! We are the only small batch roaster that will let you print basically anything on a custom label for coffee you order from us. We figure, he if you want some good coffee with your face on it to give out to your friends why should we stop you?!?!

We also allow you to donate coffee to any organization you think deserves it. Not only that, but we will print your logo right on there!!! Show some love, donate some coffee today.



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