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Number 01 - Light Roast

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It all started after having several bad experiences trying to buy a simple bag of coffee. I would wander the store looking for "Medium" coffee but instead found a slew of funky names and stories that left me confused and frustrated. Why can’t finding good coffee just be simple. We don’t need fancy terms or people over explaining to make them feel smart and us dumb. And just like that, Erro Coffee was born.


Custom Bags

Tired of the same old marketing gift or party favor? Want to give something that people will actually like, while also promoting your business or self in a unique way? Look no further. Our designers create a custom label and name for your coffee. Hell, we’ll even throw your face on the bag if you really want it.


Montana Made

Want a taste of the west? Our coffee is roasted in one of the best states in the union ... Montana. Come taste what all the hype is about coming from the Big Sky country. We are the reason people keep wanting to move out here.



Coffee shouldn’t be tough to figure out. What the heck is "Hair Bender" coffee? Is it a dark? We make great coffee simple. We focus on 4 main roasts with easy to read packaging. No more trying to figure out what the heck you are buying. Simple, not snobby.